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My online class is 6 weeks long starts on Tuesday Jul 10 ends on Mon Aug 13 it is SOC 205 Social Theory Social theory refers to efforts to understand and illuminate the nature of social life. As such, social theory is not only the domain of sociologists. Contributors to social theory include economists, philosophers, psychologists, historians, activists, dramatists, essayists, poets, and novelists. Moreover, ordinary folks like us also theorize about social life. Social theories are crucial for helping us as individuals make sense of our daily lives, and they are essential to understanding new research, social practices and institutions. With the long-term aim of helping us better understand our lives and the world we live in, we will study what sociological theorists, have to say about the social world. The course covers key theorists such as Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Bourdieu and Foucault, Du Bois, Butler and Bauman and their seminal works, as well as the key social thought movements of Capitalism, Modernity, Alternative Knowledge, Self and Society.

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Each week begins on a Tuesday and concludes on the following Monday. Daily log ins are not required nor suggested only post required assignment son time. Assignments include posting in a graded discussion forum, submitting a written assignment or journal entry or submitting a quiz or exam. All assignments are due on the conclusion of the calendar day of the due date by 11:59 pm Mountain Time
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